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Budd Leather Crocodile Bidente Slim Wallet Review

The Budd Leather Crocodile Bidente Slim Wallet is made of crocodile bidente leather, which is a high-quality calfskin leather, hand stitched to look like crocodile skin and known for its durability. It features 8 credit card slots for holding your credit, debit and I.D cards as well as a bill compartment with a divider so that you can carry cash and receipts or multiple currencies. The wallet has a slim profile that easily fits into any pocket without the inconvenience of an unsightly bulge and is engraved with the Budd Leather Logo on the inner right hand corner.

Stylish and durable, the Budd Leather Crocodile Bidente Slim Wallet is the perfect gift for that special someone in your life. The imitation crocodile skin design and the glossy finish, gives the wallet a classic high end look which is timeless, not a bad thing when you consider how durable these wallets are. Crocodile Bidente wallets have been known to last for almost 30 years without much show of wear and tear.

Budd Leather has been making quality leather goods since the 1950’s and have stood the test of time. They manufacture high quality leather goods such as wallets, purses, bags etc., that are famous for their durability even when used roughly. A large variety of their products are made using European crocodile bidente, and are hand stitched in Spain. Hand stitched leather goods tend to stand up better to wear and tear and are usually a lot more rich and luxurious than machine made products.

The Crocodile Bidente Slim Wallet carries on the Budd leather legacy of durability, charm and functionality. With 8 card slots, this wallet provides the user with plenty of storage space to carry around credit cards, debit cards, I.D, driver’s license, and even gift cards and loyalty cards. The divided currency compartment allows you to carry around cash and receipts or even two different currencies while travelling. The possibilities are truly endless.

The Budd Leather Crocodile Bidente Slim Wallet is an amazing product. It has enough storage space for all the cards you need to carry with you and the divided bill compartment provides you with space for more than one currency or for cash and receipts. The wallet’s slim profile ensures that it fits perfectly in any pocket.

The Budd leather Crocodile Bidente wallet is guaranteed to last for years to come.

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