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Best Alligator Wallets

mens alligator wallet

Are you looking for something distinctive, yet stylish?  Consider purchasing a men’s alligator skin wallet!  This might sound like a strange combination but alligator skin wallets come in many different styles to suit all tastes. The distinctive patterns of alligator skin allows designers to create a varied range of alligator …

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Top 10 Most Popular Men’s Designer Wallet Brands

designer mens wallet

A great Men’s Designer Wallet is the quintessential accessory for any guy. Regardless of their personal style or status, every man needs a quality wallet. Not only are they a practical way of carrying the essentials, but they represent a man’s personality and style. Quality men’s designer wallets are known for …

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RFID Wallets

rfid wallet

Introduction to RFID Wallets These days, technology innovation and improvements seem to move at the speed of light. New gadgets are continually entering the market with amazing new features, new services are created almost daily making everyday life more convenient and we are more “connected” than ever before. While most …

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Top 10 Best Mens Wallets – 2018

Did you know that the way you carry your cash can tell a lot about you? Well it’s true. You can also tell a lot about a man by just looking at their shoes as well. We here at Swish Wallets don’t know much about shoes, but we sure can …

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