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Dopp RFID Black Ops I.D. Convertible Thinfold Wallet Review

Men’s accessories are pretty straight forward, especially when it comes to their wallets. All a wallet needs, to be classified as great, is to be made of a durable material, to have enough storage space to hold cards, receipts, cash and ID and to fit snugly into a pair of dress pants without making an unsightly bulge. All of these attributes plus a little extra, can be found in the Dopp RFID Black Ops I.D. Convertible Thinfold wallet.


Made entirely of polished cowhide, the Dopp Black Ops Wallet is a three-compartment leather wallet with 2 removable compartments which allow you to customize the way you carry your cards. The actual wallet has 6 card slots, 2 utility pockets and a cash compartment, the larger removable compartment is actually a smaller bifold with another 6 card slots and 2 utility pockets and the last compartment has 3 card slots and an I.D window. All three fit together perfectly but can be used separately especially if you don’t need all the storage space or if you want to select which cards to carry for everyday use and which ones you want to leave at home.

You can easily fit all your everyday cards in the wallet and put the cards you use occasionally in the removable bifold, then you can put your I.D. and insurance cards in the smaller compartment. That would make it easy to leave your occasional cards at home and just carry your everyday cards and your I.D compartment with you. This is a great way to get organised especially if you have plenty of cards that you don’t use on a daily basis.

The Dopp Black Ops Wallet also boasts RFID blocking capabilities which protects you from identity theft and credit card fraud. RFID stands for Radio Frequency Identification. This technology is embedded in the chips found in debit, credit and easy pay cards. It is even used in the US passport and enables computers to read your information. Using a card reader, a person could easily copy this information without your cards ever leaving your wallet.  The Dopp Black Ops wallet has metallic fabric layers sewn into it to block RFID readers.

The Dopp Black Ops Convertible RFID Wallet has all the attributes of a great wallet, it is made from soft durable cowhide, has lots of storage space and protects you from credit card fraud, what more could a guy ask for?

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