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Kabana Men’s Metal Zipper (Zip-around) Black Leather Wallet Review

Kabana – accessories with style

The Kabana brand is loved by the customers around the globe for their modern design and the quality of their accessories. Wearing Kabana has been a fashion statement for many years and this season everyone is talking about their newest collection of leather accessories. One of the most popular products for men this season is:


Kabana Men’s Metal Zipper (Zip-around) Black Leather Wallet 

This wallet is large and features a tri-fold design with a zip around mechanism which in practice ensures that none of your valuables will mistakenly fall out.



Prominent features:

  • Materials – This wallet is made from genuine leather and a metal zipper. These materials make it extremely safe to hold all your documents, credit cards and personal information. The metal zipper adds to the wallet extra security, so that nothing important can fall from it.
  • Compartments – This is a spacious wallet with many compartments:
    • 10 card compartments
    • 2 bill slots
    • 1 small coin pouch
  • Size – This wallet has the following dimensions: 9 x 4.9 inches (10 x 12.5 cm), which makes the wallet spacious enough for all the things you need and even for those which you use rarely.
  • Special features – Tri-fold design





No matter if you will use it every day, or just on a trip, this wallet will provide you safety, space and lot of compartments for your convenience.


Reported problems:

Zip around wallets are not a favourite of mine. The zip always eventually gets spoilt, effectively ruining the whole wallet. So it’s no surprise that some customers experience slight discomfort with the zipper.


Concluding remarks:

This designer wallet is modern and functional for the man of today. Click here to get it over at Amazon.com.