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OPTEXX® RFID Wallet Tom Mocca High Quality Cow Leather Review

Impress with OPTEXX

OPTEXX is a leader brand, which offers its customers top quality organic and 100% original designer items. With OPTEXX you can be sure that you are always prepared for everything, no matter where you are. One of their most rated products is this wallet:


OPTEXX RFID Wallet Tom Mocca High Quality Cow Leather

This exquisite and organic men’s wallet is made of high quality materials and has a sophisticated look and feel. It’s a classy, functional item, which no doubt impress everyone around you.



Prominent features:

  • Materials – This stylish wallet is made from 100% high quality cow leather. This material guarantees you a very long use. Do not forget that the leather is always fashionable as well.
  • Great storage – This wallet is small, but it is specially made for the organized man who wants to find whatever they need within a few seconds. Everything will have its place thanks to the many compartments inside this wallet:
    •  9 ISO format credit card slots
    • 2 bill slots
    • 1 small coin pouch
  • OPTEXX® RFID Blocking – The outer material of this wallet as well as credit card compartments are coated with invisible OPTEXX® material (RFID blocking) to ensure maximum security against unauthorized access to your personal information.
  • Classical design: This wallet is designed with a clean and classical touch.
  • Color – Mocca
  • Dimensions – Closed: approx. 95 mm x 125 mm. Open: approx. 95 mm x 250 mm.
  • Weight – approx. 115 grams





The OPTEXX RFID Wallet is a very successful combination of quality and value. It has many compartments, so you can store just about anything and it is very durable to boot. Not to mention that it keeps your valuables safe, even from thieves you’re not looking out for.


Reported problems:

Some customers have complained that it’s sometimes hard to pull out the credit cards.


Concluding remarks:

The OPTEXX RFID Wallet offers safety and durability to its users. Click here to get it on sale over at Amazon.com with FREE shipping.