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Relic Men’s Mark Trifold Wallet Review

The Relic Men’s Mark Trifold Wallet is made of 100% soft, luxurious leather with lots of storage space. It is beautifully made with a full grain finish and top stitched detailing. Measuring 4 x 2 ½ inches when folded, it has a slim silhouette that easily slips into shirt, jacket or pants pockets.  Available in several rich colours, it features 6 or 8 card slots, depending on your preference, which are perfect for credit cards and the like, 2 slip pockets for business cards or keys , 1 clear ID window with a thumb guide, 2 bill compartments, one  of which is zippered, to hold bills, receipts or notes and 1 zippered pocket for your change.

This wallet is durable and made of good quality leather. Its card slots are a bit tight as can be expected from a new wallet and at first it might be a challenge to get the cards to fit, but the wallet is quickly broken in and this slight inconvienience should not be a long term problem.

The 2 zippered compartments in the Relic Men’s Mark Trifold Wallet get a bad wrap from some users for adding bulk and making the wallet near impossible to close. This is a trifold wallet and a little bulk comes with the territory, especially if you tend to carry lots of change or reciepts and other stuff.  The zippers are in place to help secure your belongings but if you’re not a fan of the zippers then no problem. They can easily be removed or you have the option of not using those compartments.

The Relic Men’s Mark Trifold Wallet is a good quality product that provides adequate space for cards and bills. Its 2 zippered compartments give added security for your reciepts or cash and it has a zippered pocket for change. As with all trifold wallets, if you put a lot of stuff in there, then it can get a bit bulky and may not be able to adequately fit into some pants pockets but again this is a slight problem that can be worked around and should not take away from the functionality of this great wallet.

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