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Robert Graham Men’s Parker Slimfold Wallet Review

The Robert Graham Men’s Parker Slimfold Wallet is made of 100% full grain leather. It has a cash compartment for your paper money, 8 credit card slots for credit, debit and I.D cards and 2 side slots, one on either side of the wallet underneath the credit card slots, great for holding more cards or whatever else you may need to carry. The wallet is engraved with the Robert Graham Logo on the top right hand corner and the words “Knowledge Wisdom Truth” on the inner right hand corner.

Full grain leather is made from the strongest and most durable part of the animal hide which ensures that products made from this type of leather last a very long time, and eventually develop a patina from being handled daily.

It isn’t clear if the Robert Graham Men’s Parker Slimfold Wallet has RFID blocking abilities which would have been a great addition. RFID tags are now being placed in everything from credit and debit cards to key cards and even the new US passport. This leaves you vulnerable to identity theft and fraud since these tags can easily be read from a distance by card readers, without the cards ever leaving your wallet. A layer of metal fibre for example aluminium foil, can be incorporated into the wallet to block the signal from RFID tags to readers nearby.

The Robert Graham Men’s Parker Slimfold Wallet provides the user with ample storage space to carry as many as 8-10 credit cards including I.D, plus cash. It is made from full grain leather which grows nicer over time by developing a patina from use. This type of leather is also very durable and has been known to last for a very long time.

The Robert Graham company is the producer of many high-quality leather products as well as clothing, fragrances and accessories for both men and women. They offer a wide range of leather goods such as wallets, bags, footwear, belts and even phone, tablet and iPad cases. Their motto “Knowledge Wisdom Truth” is engraved on every one of their products. Some of their offerings include swimwear, hats, sunglasses, sportswear, underwear and loungewear.

The Robert Graham Men’s Parker Slimfold Wallet is equipped with plenty of storage space for all your cards, a compartment for your cash and its made from durable full grain leather that increases in beauty with use.

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