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Travelon Safe RFID Classic Trifold Wallet

The Travelon Safe ID RFID Blocking Trifold Wallet is made of soft durable cowhide leather and has 6 credit card slots and a divided currency section. This wallet affords the user protection from credit card fraud and identity theft by blocking RFID readers from copying your personal information off your credit and debit cards.

With RFID chips being used in everything these days from credit and debit cards to easy pay cards and even the new US passport, the risk of identity theft and credit card fraud has increased dramatically. RFID stands for Radio Frequency Identification and this technology allows computers to “read” the information on your card. Anyone with a card reader can also pick up that information without the card ever leaving your wallet. The Travelon Safe ID Leather Trifold Wallet successfully blocks card readers from scanning your information involuntarily.

Its 6 card slots provide users of the Travelon Safe ID Trifold Wallet plenty of storage space for carrying credit cards and I.D. while the divided cash section allows you to carry bills and receipts in one section and cash in the other. You can even carry different currencies, one in each section while travelling.

The Travelon Safe ID leather Trifold Wallet is made of cowhide leather which is very soft and makes for a very durable product. Cowhide leather is a more environmentally friendly choice than faux leather, which can be made from plastic fibres and even PVC.

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